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Welcome to International Conference on Processing of Lean Grade and Urban Ores (IC-LGO 2015) during January 20-22, 2015

Plenary / Keynote Speakers
(Alphabetical Order)

*      Prof. Alexandre Chagnes, France

Hydrometallurgy in Europe

*      Prof. Animesh Jha, UK

Alkali roasting and leaching for the recovery of primary and secondary metal oxides from minerals

*      Prof. Brajendra Mishra, USA

Global sustainability of critical materials

*      Prof. David Dreisinger, Canada

The recovery of base, precious and rare earth metals from low grade and complex ore bodies

*      Prof. Edouard Asselin, Canada

Thermodynamics, kinetics and mechanisms of Chalcopyrite leaching upto 150oC

*      Prof. Gretchen Lapidus-Lavine, Mexico

Selective leaching of complex sulfide minerals and materials 

*      Prof. Huynh Trung Hai, Vietnam

Aspects of electric and electronic waste recycling system in Vietnam

*      Prof. Jae-chun Lee, South Korea

Recycling of valuable metals from urban mine in Korea

*      Dr. Jochen Petersen, South Africa, (Editor-in-Chief, Hydrometallurgy)

Heap leaching as a key technology for recovery of values from low-grade ores

*      Mr. John Lingelbach, USA

The R2 standard: Promoting sustainable technologies for recovering urban ore from used electronics

*      Prof. K. A. Natarajan, India

Biotechnological innovations in the exploration and extraction of gold

*      Prof. Kwadwo Osseo-Asare, USA

Designing selective dissolution with aqueous stability diagrams:  the ABC approach

*      Mr. Manoj Agarwal, India

Impact of mineral industry on national economy

*      Prof. Michael L. Free, USA

Modeling heap leaching PLS from ore characteristics and leaching parameters

*      Prof. Miguel N. Herrera, Chile

Effect of the kinetics and thermodynamics properties of oxide and sulfide copper minerals on its curing, agglomeration, and leaching behaviour

*      Dr. Nguyen Trong Hung, Vietnam

Study on remove of thorium and uranium from Yenphu RE leaching solution by solvent extraction using primary- and tertiary-amine mixture as extractives

*      Dr. Rajender Gupta, Canada

Conversion routes from municipal solid waste to energy and bio-fuels - A Review

*      Prof. Takashi Nakamaura, Japan

New trend of e-scrap recycling technologies


Keynote / Invited Speakers


*      Prof. A.K. Ismail, Egypt
From laboratory to industry, simulation of industrial operation for phosphoric acid production

*      Dr. Ainur N. Berkinbayeva, Kazakhstan
Extraction of Pd and Pt from dead catalysts using the leaching reagents (sodium thiocompounds)

*      Shri Ajay K. Tyagi, India
Technological challenges for viable lignocellulosic feedstock pretreatment options in biofuel production

*      Prof. Ajay Taneja, India

Indoor Environmental Air Quality: Case Studies

*      Prof. Alexandre Chagnes, France
Highlights on uranium recovery from conventional and non-conventional resources

*      Mr. B. K. Soni, India

Junk of India : A source of CSR

*      Prof. Brajendra Mishra, USA

Investigation of commercial products conversion from bauxite residue

*      Dr. C. Raghu Kumar, India

Prediction of Mass-flow rate in Unit Operations: An Approach by backward reconciliation

*     Dr. D.R. Nagaraj, USA

Chemical aspects of sustainable mineral processing - Recent advances and future trends

*     Prof. Sehliselo Ndlovu, South Africa

Recovery of Cobalt from Copper-Cobalt Oxide ore leach solutions using solvent extraction

*      Prof. Edouard Asselin, Canada

Metallic copper leaching in the acidic ferric sulphate system: an alternative for electronic waste recycling

*      Prof. G.N. Jadhav, India

Importance, challenges and opportunity of using Ore-Petrology in process mineralogy for the exploitation of different ores in India.

*      Dr. Gamini Senanayake, Australia

Electrochemical and leaching studies of gold in thiosulphate solutions

*     Dr. Gerard Cote, France

New highlights in Uranium(VI) production from wet phosphoric acid

*    Dr. Janardhan Reddy Koduru, South Korea

Low-cost magnetized lonicera japonica flower biochar for the treatment of heavy metals

*      Dr. Jyothi Rajesh Kumar, South Korea

      Ionic Liquids Role in Metal Extraction 

*      Mr. K. Karehanumappa, India

      Optimization of pellet size & quality parameters for DRI and blast furnace usage

*     Prof. Keiko Sasaki, Japan

Biohydrometallurgy of enargite: A spectroscopic investigation of bioleaching by thermoacidophilic iron-oxidizing archaeon, acidianus brierleyi

*    Prof. Khaled A. Selim, Egypt

Characterization of bacillus cereus bacterium isolated from Egyptian iron ore surface

*      Prof. Kyoungkeun Yoo, South Korea

      Selective leaching of Sn using stannic chloride solution

*      Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna Lingamdinne, South Korea

      Removal of Pb(II) and Cr(III) using synthesized graphene oxide-nickel ferrite (GO@NiFe2O4) as sorbent

*      Mr. M. P. Sinha, India

      A Case Study of Tata Steel Bhelatand Coal Washery- Replacement of Conventional Flotation Reagent from a Novel Collector to improve Clean coal Yield

*      Dr. Mita Tarafder, India

      E-waste: Trash to Cash A Business Prospect

*      Dr. N. R. Munirathnam, India

      Cellular phones waste in India, their environmental pollution and proposed remediation

*      Dr. P. Parthasarathy, India

      Urban mining of precious metals from e-waste

*      Dr. R.K. Jana, India

Processing of manganese nodules - A brief overview

*      Dr. R.K. Paramguru, India

      Reduction of oxide minerals by hydrogen plasma

*      Dr. Ratnakar Singh, India

      Technology for processing of low and lean grade iron ore waste dump fines and plant tailings for iron and steel making

*      Dr. Renata R. Iskhakova, Kazakhstan

      Gold and silver extraction from leach solutions obtained by leaching using combined electrochemical reactions

*      Dr. S. Chatterjee, India

      Sustainable Recycling technology for electronic waste

*      Dr. S.K. Chakraborty, India

      E-waste Recycling

*      Ms. Sadiqa Zaki, India

      A study on sulphur oxidation by Acidithiobacillus caldus dominated culture in growth medium supplemented with variable cations of SO42- ion

*      Dr. Rashmi, India

      Environmental condition of SAARC countries

*      Prof. Dipankar Chakraborti, India

      Fate of more than 480 million inhabitants living in arsenic and fluoride endemic district of India: Health, socio-economic effects and approaches for mitigation

*      Dr. Shukla Mahanty, India

      Industrial Water pollution needs for prospective remedial plan

*      Prof. Purnima Kumar, India

      Environmental pollution and remedies  through governmental policy in steel industries

*      Dr. Sheila Devasahayam, Australia

      Brown coal dewatering using poly-acrylic based, pH-sensitive super absorbent polymers

      To investigate the effect of crushing with vertical shaft impactor and high pressure grinding rolls on the liberation of gold ore and recovery by flotation at different particle sizes

*      Dr. V. Balaram, India

      Recent Advances in Trace Metal Analyses for Industrial and Environmental Applications

*    Prof. Yu.L. Gurevich, Russia

      Biotreatment of industrial wastewater of coke-chemical and resin plants

*      Dr. Tlek Ketegenov, Kazakhstan

      Application of column flotation for the collection of coal ash cenospheres and its testing as a sorbents in uranium solutions

*      Mr. Kairat Kadirbekov, Kazakhstan

      Regularities of formation of hydrocarbon cracking catalysis for modification of natural zeolite by acids of various nature


Selected Speakers for Oral Presentation


*      Ms. Aarti Kumari, India

      Solvent extraction of acid from leach solutions of rare earths with Cyphos IL 104

*      Mr. Amar Nath Bhadra, India

      Green Technology options for generations of power in India in the Age of Climate change

*      Mr. Amit Banerjee, India

      Comparative Studies on Washability Characteristics of Coking & Non-Coking Coal

*      Ms. Anjan Kumari, India

      Novel process for the recovery of copper from poly-cracker ash of PCBs

*      Dr. A. K. Mohanty, India

      Assessment of Ground Water Quality around Tailings Ponds, Jaduguda Uranium Mines, Jharkhand

*      Mr. A. K. Tripathy, India

      Fluoride assisted acid leaching of NALCO fly ash

*      Mr. Ajay Kumar, India

      Design optimization of a sustainable hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle for low power consumption

*      Ms. Anita Kumari, India

      Characterization of Coal - Core Samples from Ib - Valley Coalfield, Odisha

*      Mr. Ankit, India

      Reduction Behaviour of Iron Ore Pellets with Addition of Plastics in Direct Reduction of Iron

*      Ms. Archana Kumari, India

      Effect of acid and alkaline leaching on removal of phosphate present in rare earth minerals

*      Dr. Arijit Biswas, India

      Effect of flux granulometry on the sintering process using thermodynamic analysis

*      Mr. Ashutosh Shandilya, India

      Factors affecting concentrate thickener performance in limestone beneficiation process

*      Dr. B.C. Tripathy, India

      Role of Ex-situ addition of lanthanum on the electrochemical properties of EMD prepared from manganese cake

*      Mr. B.N. Choudhary, India

      Exploitation of sponge iron waste for the production of value added products

*      Dr. Barsha Dash, India

      Parameter optimization on the recovery of tungsten and nickel from spent HDS catalyst

*      Mr. Bhargav Dhavala, India

      Control limit for misplacement of clean coal to middlings (Seam Wise) at different clean coal ash regimes for Washery-III

*      Mr. Bidus Kanti Das, India

      Microbial sulfate reduction to treat mine water: inclusion of food waste

*      Dr. Biswaranjan Dhal, India

      Bio-Adsorption Of Cr(VI) Using Native Fungal Species - Aspergillus fumigatus Fresenius: a novel process to treat chromite mine drainage

*      Mr. C.B. Singh, India

      Reduction kinetics of lean grade iron ore - An inspiration to bring innovative improvements in an ancient iron making process

*      Dr. D. C. Sau , India

      Experimental investigation for conversion of hematite to magnetite with high ash Jhama Coal

*      Prof. D. D. Pathak, India

      Characterisation of low grade iron ores of Bursua Iron Ore Mines

*      Mr. Deepak Kr. Gorai, India

      Studies on different binders and their effects on Pelletisation and iron making

*      Mr. Dharm Jeet Gavel, India

      Texo pellets: next generation greener pellets

*      Ms. Divika Gupta, India

      Recovery of Cobalt from waste Li-ion mobile phone batteries of Delhi municipality

*      Dr. D.S. Prasad, India

      Studies on estimation of precious metal values and thermal behavior of Scrap printed circuit boards

      Recovery of precious metals from Scrap PCBs : Some Studies

*      Mr. Harsha Nistala, India

      Heating index:  estimation through numerical modeling of the sintering process and its relationship with sinter quality  

*      Mr. J.K. Singh, India

      Comparative atmospheric corrosion behavior of mild and weathering steel

*      Dr. K.D. Mehta, India

      A step towards the iron making with banded hematite quartzite pellets

*     Dr. K. Suresh, India

      Possible exploitation of red mud as additive in Portland Pozzolana cements

           Examination of possible usage of fine ground non-ferrous slag in cement manufacturing

*     Prof. K.V. Subba Reddy, India

      Break the darkness by using green Energy

*      Dr. Kali Sanjay, India

      Processing of zinc spent catalyst: Optimization of process parameters using Doehlert design

*      Dr. Kavita Parmar, India

      Removal of zinc from urban waste water using novel adsorbent

*      Prof. Keshav A. Bulbule, India

      Recovery of Gold from Gold Ore Tailing (GOT) and use of left over residue as source of micronutrients from the growth of plants in agriculture

*      Mr. Kishor Kumar Keekan, India

      An attempt to bioleach monazite minerals using Aspergillis Niger

*      Mr. Lerato Lekhanya, South Africa

      Recovery of Alumina from Coal Fly Ash leach liquor by crystallization

*      Dr. Madan Mohan Mahato, India

      Raw material quality parameter search for a functional reactor

*      Dr. Mamata Mohapatra, India

      Surfactant assisted leaching of manganese nodules

      Recovery of high pure ZnO from Zn spent catalyst: Its sensing ability

*      Mr. Manish Kumar Sinha, India

      Hydrothermal synthesis and characterisation of iron oxide powders from spent pickle liquor

*      Md. Samiul, India

      REVIVE-Company profile

*      Ms. Moni Sinha, India

      Microstructural analysis of sinter breakage

      Effect of inert gas injection on sinter RDI

*      Dr. Navneet Singh Randhawa, India

    Leaching kinetics of spent nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries in sulphuric acid

*      Mr. P. N. Prasad, India

      LD slag treatment for possible reuse application

*      Mr. Pinak Patnaik, India

      Influence of sodium lauryl sulphate on cobalt electrodeposition from sulphate solutions

*      Ms. Pooja Kumari, India

      Production of pozzolanic ash from coal fly ash by flotation techniques

*      Mrs. Pratima Meshram, India

      Comparison of leaching of metal values by chemical and bioleaching from spent lithium ion batteries

*      Ms. Rekha Panda, India

      Extraction of Lanthanum and Neodymium from leach liquor containing rare earth metals (REMs)

*      Mrs. Rupa Das Biswas, India

      Major and Trace elements distribution in Coal ash of Talcher Coalfields

*      Prof. R. J. Singh, India

      Beneficiation of Low Grade Iron Ores

      Iron ore- from Hematite to Magnetite

*      Dr. R.R. Kumar, India

      Gas utilization improvement in blast furnace through process optimization

*      Mr. R. Sabesh, India

      Education for sustainable development- an approach in reducing e-waste generation

*      Prof. Rabindra Kr. Ambasta, India

      Environmental pollution and its remedies

*      Mr. Rachit Ghosh, India

      The effects of GGBFS blending with fly ash on workability and strength properties of geopolymer concrete cured at ambient temperature

*      Prof. Rajesh Kumar Singh, India

      Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Mild steel in SO2 Environment

*      Mr. Rakesh Giri, India

      National Scenario of Availability of Low Grade Iron Ore Fines

*      Mr. Ramanuj Shankar Pandey, India

      Mathematical modeling of iron ore pelletization in a straight-grate induration process

*      Dr. Sandeep Panda, India

      Reactor and heap leaching studies of mixed copper ore

*      Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, India

      Agglomeration of chrormite ore fines through direct sintering route

*      Dr. Sanjay Prasad, India

      Impact of electronic waste disposal on environment

*      Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Das, India

      Megascopic & microscopic study of BHQ

*      Mr. Satish Kumar Kuchimanchi, India

      Organic Binder: Step towards green pelletization    

*      Mr. Saurabh Shekhar, India

      Beneficiation of high ash fine coal using Kelsey centrifugal jig

*      Mr. Sayed Janishar Anzoom , India

      Study on different binders for Pelletisation of low grade iron ore

*      Mr. Shishira Bhagavath, India

      Beneficiation of BHQ with hydro cyclone, whims and falcon concentrator 

*      Dr. Shivendra Sinha, India

      Prediction and simulation of REE's recovery from red mud using artificial neural network

*      Mr. Subhabrata Dev, India

      Assessment of the biological sulfate reduction efficiency of Desulfovibrio vulgaris using marine waste extract as nitrogen source

*      Mr. Subrat Kumar Padhy, India

      Electrodeposition of mananese metal from sulphate solutions in the presence of sodium octyl sulphate

*      Mr. Suresh. S., India

      Hydrogen reduction of single pellet nickel oxide under microwave irradiation  

*      Mr. Susanta Kumar Nath, India

      Utilization of fly ash and iron making slags into geopolymeric materials

*      Mr. Sushil Kumar Shukla, India

      Decolourization of anaerobically digested distillery effluent by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in Internal loop Airlift bioreactor  

*      Mrs. Sweta Sharma, India

      Energy material Sm3+ -modified lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics: preparation, characterisation and application

*      Dr. T Subbaiah, India

      Reactor and column Leaching studies for extraction of copper from two typical copper sulphides: A comparative study

*      Mr. Thomson A. Fernandes, India

      Recovery and reuse of palladium from spent glucometer electrochemical test strips

*      Mr. Tushar Kant Pattnayak, India

      Ethical Procurement Policies for Brand Building

*      Mr. Vishal Shukla, India

      Influence of granulometry and bed height in jigging performance at TATA STEEL

*      Mr. V. Suresh, India

      Influence of iron ore micro fines on sinter structure

*      Mr. Vivek Kumar, India

      E-waste management by proficient recycling system-A review