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Welcome to International Conference on Processing of Lean Grade and Urban Ores (IC-LGO 2015) during January 20-22, 2015

Submission of Abstract and Technical Papers

Each  author  has  to  submit  an abstract   by  e-mail  at    iclgo2015@gmail.com   /     ic-lgo2015@nmlindia.org  by July 31, 2014. The abstract may comprise of about 300 words. It should state the purpose of investigation, the principal results and the major conclusions. After scrutinizing the abstracts, the authors will be requested to submit the manuscript as per the guidelines. The proceeding of the conference/  special issue of journal comprising of selected peer-reviewed technical papers will also be published.


Scope of the Conference


Processing of lean grade ores, fines and slimes

  • Characterization & Beneficiation

  • Agglomeration / Pelletisation

  • Metal extraction processes (Pyro- / Hydro- / Electro- / Bio- / Hybrid)

Processing of urban ores

  • Collection, Recycling & Management of E-waste

  • Industrial & Municipal Waste (solid / liquid) recycling

Energy and Environmental issues

  • Sustainable alternative green energy resources

  • Utilization of Solid Waste viz. Slag, Fly Ash, Red Mud, Anode Slime, Jarosite, Flue Dust, etc.

  • Environmental pollution and remediation

  • Life cycle assessment of processes